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Exciting news… Courage Cards bought a Christmas card design of mine to use for their 2013 Holiday Cards Catalog. This year, you can order the cards online. Here is a copy of what they have… Cathy Friesenhahn, Austin, TX. Cathy received her BLS in art and business from Saint Edwards University, Austin, Texas, in 1985. She was a community art instructor for many years and today she teaches people from all over the world through her online art classes. Cathy lives with post-polio syndrome from which she has lost strength in her arms, hands and fingers, yet she remains inspiring and optimistic. She says, [ ... ]

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What Would YOU Do?

Please comment… I bought 2 tickets to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, on Dec. 20th., from my barter club. The total cost to me was aprox. $200.00. They were seats in the regular seating with a value of over $200.00 each! I need the wheelchair seating section. I called Cedar Park Center to see how to trade my tickets for the wheelchair seating section. They told me that they could not trade them as the tickets were ‘comp.’ tickets and it was their policy that complementary tickets (free to the person who originally got them) could not be traded. They [ ... ]

Jeff Usner – “Undercover Boss”

Greetings! For those of you who are wanting to make money from the internet… Try this FREE Book. I got mine! The author is Jeff Usner a Texan who was on Undercover Boss (TV). He wrote an honest book. If you follow his directions, you should be able to make money from the internet. He gave information that others charge hundreds for, free in his book. Check it out… it’s FREE! PS The link says BUY, but the book is free. There is a small charge for shipping. Cathy


I updated wordpress and it made my theme out of date. So now I ave to find a new theme and put everything back in place. Not what I had in mind………… [ ... ]


So… I noticed they are out of stock (of the ROKU”s). Don’t worry, they will be getting more. There’s a run on them at the moment. Cathy